Philadelphia Residential Rewiring Service

If you’re a fan of purchasing older homes, chances are you’re going to need to rewire one at some point. Like the rest of technology, household electrical wiring has evolved a lot over the years.

And, while some homes may not make it immediately apparent that they need rewiring, if they are of a certain age you should be looking into it at the very least to upgrade to current standards.

The process of electrical rewiring a whole house involves properly removing the older wiring, and replacing it with updated wiring. This process requires an in-depth knowledge of electrical standards and safety precautions.

Ensure that your older home in Philadelphia is wired properly by calling Hughes Electric Inc. today.

Does my Home Need Rewiring?

The simplest way to guess that a home should be rewired is by its age. Is your home, or the home you’re looking at buying more than 40 years old? Has it been rewired in this time? If not, give Hughes Electric Inc. a call for an inspection and we’ll determine how important it is that your home be rewired.

Of course, there are more obvious circumstances when you will need to rewire your home. And that is in the case of electrical malfunctions and emergencies.

If your fuses are blowing all the time, you’re getting shocked when you use electrical outlets in your home, lights are burning out all the time, and you smell burning… your home needs attention.

Essentially, if it feels like a poltergeist is in your home—call us immediately!

The Cost to Rewire a Home

Full home rewiring seems like a big job—and that’s because it is. But at Hughes Electric Inc., we do our best to provide Philadelphia homeowners with reasonable rates that fit within their budget.

Of course, it all depends on the size of your home, the age of the current wiring, and the complexity of the project as a whole.

On average, you can expect to pay anything from $8,000 to $15,000. Older homes often have a wide range of unexpected and strange installation tactics come up throughout the job, and being able to prepare for this possibility is important.

If you are looking to purchase an older home, we highly recommend you inquire about the wiring, and if the current owner is uncertain, get an electrical inspection. And, if you’re already living in an older home that requires electrical rewiring services, consider this investment as a valuable one that will not only last a lifetime, keep you safe, and save energy, but also raise your home’s value should you choose to sell.

Update and Stay Safe

While updating the wiring in your older home is an investment in time and finances, it is one that will keep you and your family safe and save you money in the long-run with lowered monthly energy expenses.

Choose a team of certified electricians who have been operating out of Philadelphia successfully for many years. Choose Hughes Electric Inc. for your home’s new electrical wiring installation.