Electrical Home Inspections

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A safe home is a happy home. Who among us is not concerned with safety? From alarm system installation to purchasing guard dogs and setting up motion lighting, there’s a lot that we do as homeowners to keep our property safe.

But did you know that one of the biggest dangers lies within the walls of your home itself?

That’s right—electricity. The electrical system in your home is important for keeping your day-to-day life functional, but it can also be very dangerous when it malfunctions. Old damaged wiring and other electrical issues can cause electrocution and electrical fires.

Make sure that your home is safe. Call Hughes Electric Inc. today for an affordable electrical inspection done by a certified electrical contractor.

Reasons to Inspect a Home

There’s a few circumstances when you’re going to require an electrical inspector to come to your home. And, while two are not mandatory, one is crucial in ensuring you get insurance for your home.

New home purchase

While some real estate agents are open and knowledgeable with potential buyers about the state of a home’s electrical system, this is not always the case. Other times, an agent may genuinely be unsure about what’s going on behind those walls.

No matter what the situation, if you’re looking into purchasing a new home, work an electrical contractor into your budget to get that inspection done, and get what you’re paying for!

Older home

Older homes are beautiful. They’re classic, and oftentimes have features that you just can’t get in newer homes. Many elements stand the test of time and can last 100 years. Electrical is not the same.

If your home is getting over the 40 year mark, it might need to be rewired. An expensive but necessary procedure, knowing that you need to rewire before a problem occurs is one of the best things you can do for your safety and your checkbook.

Home renovation

Remodeling or building an addition on to your home is exciting. There’s a lot to consider with design and appliances and other features, but there’s also a lot of paperwork and permits to deal with.

Renovations need to be up to code, and you can bet a big part of that code involves electrical, By working with certified electrical contractors for your electrical home inspection, you won’t just be ensuring your own safety, you’ll be guaranteeing the insurance you need should anything ever happen to your home.

Hughes Electric Inc. knows all the fine print, and can promise you a functional and legal home by the time we’re through.

A Certified Electrician is Your Answer

It’s important that electrical inspections be carried out by certified electrical contractors. If they’re done by a knowledgeable friend, you may feel safe but insurance companies are not going to be so lenient.

Starting at $78, professional inspections take two to four hours. At that price and that time, it’s well worth it to make sure that your home is as safe as it can possibly be.

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