New Construction Electrical

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Electrical is an important part of any new residential construction. The Hughes Electric Inc. electrical contractors use proven techniques and quality tools to design and install electrical systems that are functional, attractive, and enjoyable.

Over our years in the local industry we’ve built relationships with general contractors and subcontractors alike. We value teamwork and acknowledge its importance on a build site.

If you are a new homeowner putting together your team of contractors or a general contractor looking for residential electricians who can get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard, look no further. Our certified electrical contractors are ready to get started!

Electrical System Design

As electrical contractors, we don’t just wire new homes, we design entire wiring systems that fit the needs of every unique client.

No two homes are alike, and they all call for different electric system design. While some clients may want to set up their property for full home automation immediately, others may just be looking to cover the basics in the most efficient way possible.

Home electrical calls for the arrangement of lighting, outlets, and more. And, while general contractors can do a lot, home electrical design should always be left up to the experts: electrical contractors.

A Team Effort

As we work on new construction wiring, we work alongside the site’s general contractor and subcontractors throughout the build. The electrical installation process isn’t just a one-day job, it carries on throughout the entire construction process.

At Hughes Electric Inc. we’re invested not only in quality electrical work, but also in building and maintaining relationships with other local contractors.

Work with our certified electrical contractors, and you can look forward to a smooth build every time.

Full-Service Installations

We like to say that we do it all, and that’s a fact. Full wiring, indoor and outdoor lighting, outlets, alarm systems, breaker boxes, as well as phone and Internet wiring.

And, if you’re interested in automating your home, the best time to do it is during new construction.

New construction electrical costs are a necessary part of your home construction budget and can range between $3,500-8,000 depending on the size and complexity of the project. But keep in mind that any electrical work you want done in the future will be more difficult if you wait until after construction.

Getting it all done in one go with the rest of your household electrical wiring is the best route you can take. And, when you have experienced electrical contractors like Hughes Electric Inc. on hand, you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run.

Let’s Start Building

The process of building a home from the ground up is exciting, and as a home electrical company we get just invested in it as our clients.

Designing and installing top-notch electrical systems for our local clients is what Hughes Electric Inc. is all about, and the dedication we have to our work shows on every completed job.

Give us a call today and let’s start planning your new construction electrical.