Residential Electrician in Philadelphia

Finding a residential electrician who has education, experience, competence, and is compliant with all Philadelphia bylaws and regulations isn’t always the easiest thing. When you’re working with a general contractor, they’ll bring a trusted electrician onto the project when needed, but what about when you, as a homeowner, need electrical services?

At Hughes Electric Inc. we practice transparency, and honesty. That means testimonials and information about our team of electrical professionals is readily available and we’re happy to show you past projects that we’ve been a part of.

Find a licensed residential electrician and keep them on that speed dial! Hughes Electric Inc. is available for all jobs, large or small, and are a quick phone call away whether you need to schedule an appointment or require immediate emergency services.

Safe Electrical Services

The most important thing to account for during electrical work is the safe conditions of your workspace. There are steps that our crew takes at every job, even the simplest ones.

  • Ensure breakers are off during wiring work
  • Use insulated gloves and tools
  • Avoid contact with water
  • Use wooden ladders

Sparking, electrical burns, and fires can all come out of seemingly nowhere and so we take all precautions to keep our workers and our clients safe. Preparation is second nature to every member of the Hughes Electric Inc. crew.

Never Over-Pay

When it comes to home improvements and construction, it’s a good thing that Philadelphia homeowners are less inclined to try their hand at electrical work. Because of this, there are opportunities for companies like ours to thrive in helping clients like you out with affordable, quality services.

Unfortunately, it means there are a lot of other companies out there that are aiming to take advantage. Especially for large-scale rewiring projects, you’re going to want to choose electrical contractors who know what they’re doing and charge accurately.

Hughes Electric Inc. won’t make you decide right away. We’ll meet with you in the comfort of your own home and provide you with an accurate assessment for service and material costs so that you’re aware of what you’re getting into! And, should something extra need to be done when we start work, we’ll always check in with you first before jumping ahead and doing work you may not want to pay for.

Quality and Safety You Can Count On

Electrical contractors don’t just work on new home construction. As a homeowner, we can guarantee that you’re going to run into electrical issues that require the professional touch.

Are you looking to make your home safer by installing a security system and security lighting? We can do that! Outlets not working in one room? We can fix that as well. Living in an older home that needs to be rewired? We’re happy to!

With Hughes Electric Inc., your Philadelphia home will get the quality electrical work it deserves, and you’ll benefit from living in a safe and functioning house.

If you have any questions or would like to book your free in-home assessment, get in touch today!