Philadelphia Residential Electrical Retrofitting

Electricity has been in most homes since 1925. In the big picture of things, that’s not very long. However, in terms of electrical lifespan, that’s a decent chunk of time.

If you’re the owner of an older home in Philadelphia and you’re unsure of your home’s wiring setup, give Hughes Electric Inc. a call to do an inspection.

Older homes that have never had their wiring updated are at risk for dangerous situations such as electric shocks as well as electrical fires. Even if your home seems to be ok, a property with old wiring is just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

What is Retrofitting?

Electrical retrofitting is the act of updating older technology with new. It requires certified electrical contractors with education and skill to do it properly.

With all the old homes in Philadelphia, we’ve performed a multitude of retrofitting jobs from specific upgrades on lighting and outlets to full home upgrades.

Were you aware that home electrical fires account for roughly 51,000 fires every year resulting in an average of 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in damage to property?

If you have tripping breakers, flickering lights, blown fuses, and always find yourself using extension cords, these are just a few of the signs your home is due for an electrical upgrade.

The Team for the Job

Calling a friend who does their own electrical at home to take a look at your home’s wiring is never a good idea. Neither is looking up how to do it yourself on Google.

Electric retrofitting is a big job even when it’s just being done on a specific part of your electrical system, and warranties and insurance only apply on work that is done by a certified professional.

Hughes Electric Inc. aims to provide our clients in Philadelphia with the most competitive pricing on electric retrofitting as well as quality work that never cuts corners. Don’t risk endangering your home and yourself by having your electrical work done by an amateur. Call Hughes Electric Inc. today and we’ll leave you with a safe and functional home.

The Cost of Electrical Retrofitting

Upgrading your electrical services if you are the owner of an older home in Philadelphia is always a good idea. It will keep you safe, save you money on energy bills, and help the planet.

While all retrofitting projects have different requirements, upgrading the electrical box is a big part of the process. To update your service panel you can budget for $800-$3,000. However, other steps involving getting into the walls of your home to update wiring can build on to that.

Call for Your Free Estimate

At Hughes Electric Inc. we like to keep it competitive. This means our rates are reasonable and our customer service is next-level.

We like to start off every new client relationship with a free in-home, no-obligation estimate. This way we’ll be able to provide you with an up-front and honest assessment of exactly what needs to be done to your home.

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