Residential Electrical Repair Havertown

Electrical systems don’t always work the way they should. When you’re in need of local electricians to handle all your electrical repairs in Havertown, pick up the phone and call Hughes Electric Inc..

With a combination of education and hands-on experience, our certified residential electricians are equipped to handle any problem, big or small.

From sparking outlets to tripping fuse boxes and beyond, electricity is our domain, and a career that every member of our crew is passionate about. For safe, prompt, and affordable services, get in touch with us today. We’re ready to make your electrical problems go away!

Common Electrical Problems

If you think you’re suffering alone, chances are someone else in Havertown has had the same electrical problems you’re dealing with right now. At Hughes Electric Inc., we are confident in telling our clients there’s a fix for everything, whether we’ve dealt with it 100 times or 20.


Whether it’s your light switch that’s not working properly, dim and flashing lights, or bulbs that burn out far too frequently, Hughes Electric Inc. is here to rescue your residential lighting!

Our electrical contractors work with lighting installation and design on a regular basis and can determine quite quickly what’s causing yours to malfunction.


Dead outlets or worse—sparking out burning outlets. Neither are much fun, and both stop you from being able to plug anything in! In most cases, your outlet needs replacement. But in some older Havertown homes rewiring could be necessary.

Always call Hughes Electric Inc. immediately for electrical outlet repair if you sense something’s wrong. Malfunctioning outlets can get dangerous quickly.


Breakers can be the root of a lot of problems since they manager the electrical supply in your home. If the breaker itself keeps tripping, your lights are flickering, or you’re hearing strange noises coming from the breaker itself, it’s time to call Hughes Electric Inc..

This could be call for electrical wiring repair, not simply a circuit reset.


How many of your appliances are electrical? And what would you do if they stopped working? While some turn to DIY methods, your best bet is to call in the pros. At Hughes Electric Inc., we’ll arrive on time and fix your appliances efficiently, and to the highest standard. This means that you’re not going to have problems with that appliance again any time soon!


The last thing anyone wants when the months get colder is for their heating system to stop working! Just give a quick call to your friendly home electrical repair service and we’ll be on the job in no time.

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Your electrical woes can be over faster then ever when you rely on Hughes Electric Inc. for your electrical repair needs in Havertown.

Our certified technicians are happy to help with any job, small or large, and will leave your home not only functional, but safe as well.

When you need electrical assistance, always employ the services of a professional crew. We’ll provide you with the best rates around and insurable work that will last for years to come.

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