Surge Protection Installation in Drexel Hill

While many of us invest in surge protectors for our computers, did you know that you should be installing more than that? Surges can affect any electronic device in your home, from your stove to your dishwasher, nothing is safe without surge protection.

While many homes have whole house surge protectors installed when they are built, this is not always the case. And, while dangerous, power surges aren’t always easy to be aware of.

At Hughes Electric Inc., we know electricity. We also know what’s out there in Drexel Hill that can damage your electronic devices. Give us a call today to start making a surge protection plan for your home.

Large Appliance Surge Protection

Sensitive equipment is most vulnerable to electrical surges. As licensed electricians, we are asked daily about a wide range of appliances and devices and what surge protection is best for each. While single outlet surge protectors are most often used for computers and TVs, whole house surge protectors cover just about everything.

Large appliances are not as vulnerable as smaller devices. For example, when an internal surge occurs it is because one appliance has suddenly shut off, routing power to the other appliances that are currently on. Large appliances are going to be able to handle this change, whereas smaller devices cannot.

Computer Surge Protection

Believe it or not, that surge protector power bar you purchased at the computer store isn’t doing all it can. There are four types of surge protectors on the market.

  • Whole house surge protectors for interior surges
  • Whole house surge protectors for exterior surges
  • Single outlet surge protectors for residential use
  • Single outlet surge protectors for industrial use

Interior surges are caused by device shutdown, while exterior surges are caused from sources such as lighting and storms. For Drexel Hill homes experiencing regular power surges, whole house as well as single outlet are going to be your best bet.

Efficient Installations

Hughes Electric Inc. will work with you to figure out your electrical needs, and provide you with an honest estimate for material and service costs.

Opting to go out on your own and purchase surge protection devices is not recommended. You could be risking zero results, or negative results.

As with anything electrical, relying on licensed electricians is always your best bet. Not only will you save money with contractor rates, but you’ll be ensuring your safety with a professional installation.

Stay Up and Running

Appliances and other electronic devices are investments. We purchase them because we need them and because we enjoy using them. Don’t let that go to waste by not investing in the proper surge protection that will keep them up and running.

Power surges in Drexel Hill can damage microprocessors, burn up mother boards, and even cause fires within your home.

Don’t risk the lifespan of your electronics or your personal safety. Give Hughes Electric Inc. a call today and set up an appointment. We’ll provide a free in-home estimate and figure out what surge protection installation will best benefit you!