Residential Electrical Rewiring in Drexel Hill

In North America, we’ve been wiring our homes since 1880. The original method used was knob and tube wiring, a system that used no ground wiring. In 1940, we moved on to the copper wiring of today. Older homes in Drexel Hill are beautiful, and the goal of many homeowners. But if you’re currently living in or planning to purchase one, it’s important to keep in mind that it may need rewiring.

At Hughes Electric Inc. we have done household electrical rewiring for hundreds of local homes. And, while it’s one of the bigger projects out there for a residential electrician, with our effective techniques and years of experience, we can bring your home safely into the future in no time.

When to Call Hughes Electric Inc.

Right off the bat, we’d recommend giving us a call if your home is 40-50 years old. Homes that age or older in Drexel Hill had older wiring in them at some point, and may still have it.

If you are a potential homeowner looking at older homes on the market, bringing your own certified electrician around for an inspection is a good idea. The current owners of the home may not know the full wiring history and could be giving you inaccurate information intentionally or not.

Some obvious signs that your home needs rewiring include:

  • Electrical shocks when using outlets
  • Loose or burned outlets
  • Persistent smell of burning
  • Regularly dim and flickering lights
  • Fuses blowing all the time

Ask yourself if it feels like your house is haunted. Flickering lights, strange noises, and strange smells? It’s not ghosts—it’s your household electrical wiring.

The Benefits of Rewiring your Home

The majority of our clients in Drexel Hill know that the most obvious benefits of rewiring your home is to have a shiny new up to date electrical wiring system. But what does that come with?

  • An increase in safety
  • An eco-friendly home
  • Increased home value
  • More efficient electricity

Household electrical wiring was upgrade for a reason: because our technology got better. Copper wiring is safe, operates efficiently which allows for savings in energy making homes with new wiring eco-friendly and able to handle more electricity.

Keep your home safe, plug in as many appliances as you like, help the planet, and if you make the decision to sell your home, you’ll come out on top with increased value as well!

Invest in Your Future

Hiring Hughes Electric Inc. for electrical rewiring services means that you are investing not only in the future of your Drexel Hill home, but the safety of yourself and anyone else living under your roof.

A full house rewire will last for as long as you choose to live in your home, and when you sell, get you a guaranteed return on investment.

Don’t put up with that paranoid feeling of never knowing when your wiring is going to betray you. Call Hughes Electric Inc. today to get your inspection and service estimate for a full house rewire. Keep that house you love around for a good long time!