About Us

Hughes Electric Inc. has been operating out of the residential sector for a number of years, helping Drexel Hill homeowners with exceptional electronic installation as well as safe maintenance and repairs.

While most homeowners wait until they have an emergency on their hands to call in a professional residential electrician, we can promise you that if that when we’re through you’ll have us on speed dial for next time!

From routine inspections to full wiring jobs on new homes overseen by an electrical contractor, we can handle all jobs large or small and complete them efficiently—on time and within your budget.

Electrical Installations

When a home is improperly wired, you could have a big problem on your hands, including malfunctioning lighting and outlets, or blackouts and electrical fires. To avoid this, hire a professional residential electrician to manage the job from start to finish.

At Hughes Electric Inc. we’re happy to install any electrical components you need! From adding additional lighting in or outside of your home, to full wiring and rewiring of your entire electrical system, we’ll interpret blueprints and schematics and work within electrical code specifications to get your home functioning exactly the way you want it to!

Electrical Inspections

The safest homes in Drexel Hill are homes that go through an annual electrical inspection. Regular inspections will prevent fires and secure yours and your family’s safety.

  • Inspect wiring
  • Check for overloading
  • Replace outdated systems
  • Test outlets
  • Inspect circuit breaker or panel

Even if that power bar filled with 20 cables has been working just fine for a month, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a ticking time bomb waiting to go off! During an inspection, your electrician will put in place methods to protect against damage, and educate your family on how to maintain a safe electrical system in your home.

Electrical Repairs

While it can be tempting to try out electrical repair yourself, at Hughes Electric Inc. we don’t recommend it—and it’s not just because we want your business! Even the most minor repairs can be dangerous, resulting in shocks or fires that could seriously injure you, or worse.

Not to mention, repairs that are not done by a licensed professional have no grounds for insurance or warranty, meaning that if they go wrong, you won’t be covered.

DIY is great, but when it comes to electrical services, rely on a trained residential electrician to do them properly. And, when you work with Hughes Electric Inc. our rates are competitive making your repairs affordable as well!

Electrical Specialists in Drexel Hill

Living in Drexel Hill and on the lookout for licensed electricians that you can trust even in the case of an emergency? At Hughes Electric Inc., our trained and licensed professionals are available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, for scheduled appointments or emergency calls.

Offering free, honest, no-obligation estimates on every job, we’re easy to talk to and happy to advise you on what needs to be done in your home. Give us a call or send us an email today to meet with one of our dedicated team members!