New Construction Electrical in Drexel Hill

The goal of a custom home built from the ground up is to combine everything that the homeowner wants, creating the ultimate in functionality for them. This home might not be exactly right for everyone, but for the owner, it’s perfect.

As residential electricians, at Hughes Electric Inc. we have been a part of many new builds in Drexel Hill, and understand how stressful they can be. After all, you’re trying to get everything just right.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for contractors, or a general contractor looking for subcontractors, don’t fall down on the job when it comes to your home electrical. A custom home without quality electrical work is not a complete custom home.


General contractors have a lot on their plates. That’s why at Hughes Electric Inc. we don’t just install electrical, our electrical contractors create system designs that fit the needs of each client we work with.

No two homeowners’ needs are alike. While some may want in-floor heating and a full security system, others may only want to cover the essentials. New construction wiring takes a lot into consideration for example, the locations of outlets. Wiring must be arranged within the walls to lead to useable outlet locations. At Hughes Electric Inc., we think of everything!

Whether you want a basic functional setup or all the bells and whistles, we’re happy to work with you to determine the best plan.

Home Automation

Looking to launch your new home into the space age? We’re only sort of kidding. Home automation is big right now and it’s simplest to set up during new construction wiring. Electrical work in construction can be set up any way you like right from the get go, and many new Drexel Hill homeowners are opting for automation.

This means that while we install your wiring, lighting, outlets, service panels, and more, we’ll be putting them on one easy to operate “home base” system from which you can control them all.

Going to bed and want to watch some TV before you do? Turn on your TV from your phone or tablet. Part way through your show and not sure if you turned on your security system and turned off the downstairs lights? You won’t even have to get out of bed to make sure.

During construction is the ideal time to install your home automation system.

Why Choose Hughes Electric Inc.

Hughes Electric Inc. was founded by a few electrical contractors passionate about the work they do and looking to help Drexel Hill homeowners by providing them with affordable quality electrical services.

We have never let go of this ideal in our years of service. Every member of our crew is fully certified, insured, and bonded for your safety as well as our own, and when you choose to work with us you’ll see just how much we love what we do!

As a homeowner or contractor choosing the electrical crew who will be managing your new construction electrical, a passionate and teamwork-oriented crew who knows what they’re doing is exactly what you’ll want, and with Hughes Electric Inc. you’ll get all that and more. Get in touch today and let’s start planning!