Home Automation System Installation in Drexel Hill

Are you ready to transform your Drexel Hill home into an eco-friendly and efficient futuristic smart home? Home automation systems aren’t just for futuristic families, they can be for yours too, right here and right now.

At Hughes Electric Inc., we love installing home automation systems. They can be simple with only one or two things hooked up or they can control anything electronic in your household, creating the ultimate in simplified stress-free living.

Get out the door faster in the morning, control your security while you’re on holiday, and much more when you call your local electricians at Hughes Electric Inc. to set up your home automation system!

The Benefits of Home Automation

Smart home devices are a lot of fun, but they’re also highly practical as well. And, while a home automation system can be pricey to set up depending on the features you want included, they will pay you back over the years.

Save Money

That’s right, your smart home will save you money. How much? To be exact, your updated home system will save you 30% on your monthly bills. And, in some cases your insurance company may even offer you a discount because of the increased safety.

Simplify Your Life

The prime reason most Drexel Hill homeowners install a home automation system is to simplify their life. Only afterwards do they realize how much they’re saving in expenses and how much safer they are. Preheat your oven from the car on your way home. Make sure your doors are locked while you’re at the office. Raise or lower your air conditioning or heating from the comfort of your own bed, and so much more!

Stay Safe

We strongly recommend anyone considering home automation to work security features into the design. Door sensors and alarms can alert you to intruders, and by automating the locks on your doors you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving a door open—even if you’re on holiday. And when it comes to leaving your home for a length of time, you can make it look as if you are still at home by occasionally turning the TV on and playing around with lighting throughout the day and night.

When it comes to home automation, there’s a lot more to it than then fun parts—though, those are pretty great too. An investment in home automation is a great one to make if you’re able, and at Hughes Electric Inc. we’re happy to help you into the future!

Enjoy Your New Smart Home!

Home automation can control anything from your lighting and security to your yard irrigation, pool temperature, and home theater system.

Having certified electricians available to perform your installation is important to achieve the best results. Hughes Electric Inc. has been serving Drexel Hill for a number of years now, and has the experience and tools to automate your home easily.

Give us a call or email us today, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and book an in-home assessment to plan out your new system!