Security Light Installation in Drexel Hill

The brightest idea you’ll have all year is to install security lights on your property. It doesn’t matter where you live in Drexel Hill, every home can benefit from some extra security measures. Whether you’re installing security lighting on its own or combining it with an alarm system, you’re going to experience a decreased likelihood of anyone coming on to your property uninvited.

Hughes Electric Inc. has been assisting local homeowners with security light installation for a number of years. With our education, experience, and certification, we can assist with both the installation as well as the system design process, meaning if you’re unsure of how lighting should be positioned, we can advise you on the best and most efficient ways.

Give us a call today and get on the path to being owner of a safer property!

Minimize Shadowy Corners

One of the first things a burglar is going to look for on your property, is shadowy spots to hide. This along with an easy entrance and exit strategy can make your home a prime target.

By installing outside lights you’ll be removing those shadowy corners. Your Hughes Electric Inc. contractor will do a walkthrough of your yard, front and back, and find trouble spots. From there, they will be able to determine the best lighting strategy for those areas.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

You’ll find there are a lot of options when it comes to the types of lighting that can be used as a part of your lighting security system. While some Drexel Hill clients prefer lights that are on a timer or that can be manually controlled, most choose outdoor motion lights that only turn on when they sense movement.

Not only are these lights surprising for anyone creeping around, they will save you money on energy bills—up to $30 a year to be exact.

Make Your Yard Stand out

On top of safety, outdoor security lights can double as attractive landscape lighting. Put the spotlight on design elements in your yard or on your home that you’d like to draw focus to while keeping your home safe from intruders. No one ever said efficiency couldn’t be fun and creative as well!

A well-lit and secure home is also attractive to potential buyers, so if you are ever considering selling your home, you can expect an increase in property value because of your security lighting investment.

The Safety You Deserve

We put locks on our homes for a reason. No matter how safe you feel in your Drexel Hill neighborhood, you can always feel safer. That same feeling that reminds us to lock the door when we go out is the one that nags at us even if just the tiniest bit that we could be in danger of a break-in in the middle of the night.

Help yourself relax and keep your household safe by installing security lighting. Hughes Electric Inc. can get the job done quickly and efficiently, at the best pricing around. Just call or email us to get started!